Cot Cover

Cot Cover 110" 1.25 mil

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The 100" is closer in length to a typical cot. 

The 1.25 mil & 100" length provide maximum economy while maintaining strength to insure against cross cross contamination.

IF you wish to tug and pull on the plastic to assist in moving the deceased, the 2 mil and 3 mil are better suited for such applications.

Pros: 15" shorter length provides 12% more bags per roll

Cons: the plastic can not be "Lolli-Popped" (twisting the excess plastic one each end to form an excellent pulling point) a trick used frequently in bariatric cases to assist movements. 



1-2 Rolls3-5 Rolls6-10 Rolls11-21 Rolls22+ Rolls

TOTAL $91.66
Dimensions: 26” x 11” x 110”
Thickness: 1.25 mil
Bags Per Roll: 143
Colors: White


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26"x11"x115" 3.0 mil (HEAVY DUTY)
26"x11"x115" 3.0 mil White (HEAVY DUTY)