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Plastic Barriers For Cremation

BodyBagMan's disposable plastic cooler tray covers and cremation box liners are specially designed for crematoriums. Our LLDPE plastic is industrial strength, ensuring that you never have to experience an unexpected mess ever again. Disposable polymer barriers greatly reduce time spent cleaning as well as help keep your operation safe. 

If your circumstances require a unique sized bag, we also offer custom-sized body bags for crematoriums.

26"x11"x115" 3.0 mil White (HEAVY DUTY)
26"x11"x115" 3.0 mil (HEAVY DUTY)
26"x11"x115" 2.0 mil
26"x11"x115" 1.25 mil
Cot Cover 110" 1.25 mil
134" x b51" 1.5 mil
38" x b65" (3 mil)
40" x b48"
45" x b48" (1 mil)
58" x 58" Sheets
80" x 80" Sheets
30" x b36" (1 mil)
30" x b36" (1.5 mil)
33" x b45" (1 mil)
33" x b45" (1.5 mil)
38" x b60" (1.5 mil)
38" x b60" (2.5 mil)