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26"x11"x115" 3.0 mil White (HEAVY DUTY)

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This is our most popular product!

3 Mil opaque gloss-white, industrial strength plastic simply will not let you down when it comes puncture resistance and usability. Tug on it, pull on it, use the plastic to help slide the weight and save your back from excessive strain & pain.

The 3 mil is an ideal choice for disaster, bariatric, decomp, or anyone who wishes to use the best product for the job on each removal. Body Bag Man's 3 mil plastic has your back, literally. 

1-2 Rolls3-5 Rolls6-10 Rolls11-21 Rolls22+ Rolls

TOTAL $91.66
Dimensions: 26” x 11” x 115”
Thickness: 3.0 mil
Bags Per Roll: 54
Colors: White


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