Cot, Cremation Box & Casket Covers

26"x11"x115" 2.0 mil

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The perfect balance between economy and strength!

2 Mil Clear industrial strength plastic provides added strength that the 1.25 mil lacks, but maintains a higher bag count per roll compared to the 3 mil heavy duty. 

2 Mil are perfect for your typical body. Strong enough to tug & pull on the plastic, saving your back from unneeded wear and tear, but more bags per roll to keep costs in line. 


1-2 Rolls3-5 Rolls6-10 Rolls11-21 Rolls22+ Rolls

TOTAL $86.66
Dimensions: 26” x 11” x 115”
Thickness: 2.0 mil
Bags Per Roll: 79
Colors: Semi-Clear


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