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Below is our full inventory of body bags and funeral supply products. Our body bags are made of low-density polymer, providing leak-proof durability for funeral transport services, hospitals, and mortuary schools, among others. Our cadaver bags are also cremation-safe.

We manufacture our body bags right here in the United States, allowing for fast shipping and improved customer service. Be sure to visit our body bag pricing information and learn more about wholesale body bag orders. For custom sizing or color, please reach out to us for more information.

38" x b65" (3 mil)
40" x b48"
45" x b48" (1 mil)
58" x 58" Sheets
80" x 80" Sheets
30" x b36" (1 mil)
30" x b36" (1.5 mil)
33" x b45" (1 mil)
33" x b45" (1.5 mil)
38" x b60" (1.5 mil)
38" x b60" (2.5 mil)
134" x b51" 1.5 mil
26"x11"x115" 3.0 mil White (HEAVY DUTY)
26"x11"x115" 3.0 mil (HEAVY DUTY)
26"x11"x115" 2.0 mil
26"x11"x115" 1.25 mil
Cot Cover 110" 1.25 mil